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Forget the babble and jump to the founders

Welcome to the grand opening of the Bookacy family Download Archive! This page is intended to include each sim born into the Bookacy clan, as well as spouses and other supporting characters, for both myself in the event of neighborhood meltdown, and for your downloading pleasure. This is a long time project naturally still in progress.


* 29th July 2011, all sims up to generation B added
* 2nd December 2012, current adults of generation C added and few generation Bs updated with secondary aspirations
* 1st May 2018, images and links fixed after both Box and Photobucket broke

Thanks for this idea goes to Ndainye, who has a huge sim download project going on, and from whom I shamelessly stole the whole idea of a download archive and also asked for advice on extracting the sims as cleanly as possible. Thanks!

The archive is arrange on a per family basis. At the bottom of this page you can find an index, from which you can get directly to a certain family if you are looking for a certain sim. This index will get updated when new sims are added. Everything is backdated to avoid spammage and to keep the entries in order, so you can also browse the archive by simply clicking on the "next entry" and "previous entry" buttons.

Each sim is downloadable in a .rar file. When you extract the file, you get the following:

1) a .package file that includes a cleaned, cc-less version of the sim
2) a .Sims2Pack file that includes the sim packaged with their cc (and dressed in expansion-specific content)
3) a directory with all the sim's cc included in the .Sims2Pack file
4) a text file that gives stats and cc credits for the sim
5) Bodyshop preview pictures with and without cc

The cleaned .package files are prepared as follows. First, I've extracted each sim from the neighborhood with SimPE. Then I have pulled my Downloads folder and made a new, clean hood where I've taken the extracted sims, dressed them in base game content and placed them in the hood. Then I've re-extracted the sims from this hood to get as clean and unproblematic files as I can. Then I've taken the clean files and recreated the sim with their expansion and custom content, and packaged them in the Sims2Pack.

For each sim is given a text file with their name and possible birth name, status in the family, spouse, personality and star sign, aspiration and possible secondary aspiration, turn ons and turn off, and hair, eye and skin genetics. These stats are only given in the text file included with the sim, not on the download page, because frankly, I don't want to arrange myself any more of an updating hell than I absolutely have to, in case anything changes.

In case the skin genetics part of the stats look funny to you, let me explain. I checked the genetics using the SimPE "show sim DNA" function, and it shows four values related to skin. I'm not entirely familiar with how the skin genetics work, so I decided to give all four values; this way should I ever need this archive to save my legacy, I can replicate the skin genetics exactly and hopefully get the desired in-game effect. The values are given in the same order as in they are in SimPE: dominant skin color, dominant skin color range, recessive skin color, recessive skin color range.

Custom content credits are made as accurate as possible, pinpointing the exact download page where possible. Links are given for all non-dead sites. Some creators don't like users packaging their content with sims, as they want the credit for their work. I've given the credit, as thoroughly as I possibly could. If that's not good enough, I'm sorry, but I think I've done all I can.

A note about accuracy:

For future generations, this archive attempts to capture how the sims actually look like, with their "correct" cc and so on. However, when I first started, I had close to no cc, and I didn't bother much about appearences, and have later felt bad about it. So, for the beginning generations, the founding generation and generation A, the archive gives the sims with a "had I had the cc back then" look - what I think they should have looked like in the first place. Generation B is sort of an in-between generation, some sims are slightly changed and some are as they truly were. From generation C onwards, I'm going with their in-game look. However, as I haven't found a better way to dress the sims than to compare with my game screenshots, there's some guesswork going on especially with makeup. But I try my best.

Finally, on usage:

You may play with my sims any way you please: give them makeovers, marry them to other sims, make them have lots of babies, feed them to cowplants... It's yout game, after all. :)

I hope you enjoy!


The founding generation
Generation A - Author's children

Generation B
Adrian's children
Adson's children
Arthur's children
Abraham's children
Aurora's children
Aadam's children

Generation C
Beth's children
Baudolino's children
Bill's children
Barry's children
Bonnie's children
(The other) Bill's children
Bailey's children
Bianca's children


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