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This archive includes the chapters of The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, which is a story written by me, using the Sims 2 PC game. It is a story in the popular Legacy Challege (old rules, about the same as "core rules") format, or to be more exact, the Alphabet Legacy variant thereof. I started writing the story with the purpose of documenting what happened to my sims, but it has since then - as has happened to many other Legacies - turned into a plotty story as well.

This story is a work in progress, meaning that this archive is as well. It is arranged by the currently reigning generation.

NEW! If you are a new reader and would like to get caught up quickly, now you can! Simply start from the recap chapter, Chapter 40, and continue normally from there, and you'll be all caught up!

The Founding generation: Author and Count Curtis

Chapter one: The Pleasure of Lawn Living
Chapter two: Dating, Dark Powers and Dirty Diapers
Chapter three: The Mistakes of the Creator
Chapter four: A Small, White Lie
Chapter five: Zits and Imaginary Creatures
Chapter six: Stories about Love and Money

Generation A College Years
Chapter seven: A Split Up, a Reunion and Some Pizza (College Edition)
Chapter eight: Toga toga toga! Engagement, toga! (College Edition)

Generation A: Adrian and Nicole

Chapter nine: The Metamorphosis of Salahuddin Chamcha
Chapter ten: The reign of Cheese and Babies
Chapter eleven: Graduations, Birthdays and Weddings - Confetti All Around!
Chapter twelve: Plans Benevolent and Evil (Spare Edition)
Chapter thirteen: Safety Measures and the Usual Business
Chapter fourteen: The Mishap of Rebecca Custer
Chapter fifteen: The Cheesy Teen Years

Generation B College Years

Chapter sixteen: A Unique Masterpiece (College Edition)
Chapter seventeen: The Return (College Edition)
Chapter eighteen: And the Rest Is College (College Edition)

Generation B: Baudolino and Marylena

Chapter nineteen: A Change of Reigns
Chapter twenty: The Joys of Grandparenthood
Chapter twenty-one: Can I Be the Heiress?
Chapter twenty-two: Family Portraits and Plenty of Cousins (Spare Edition)
Chapter twenty-three: Heirship Questions and New Pastimes
Chapter twenty-four: While It Lasts
Chapter twenty-five: The Mayor and the Villain
Chapter twenty-six: The Letter

Generation C College Years

Chapter twenty-seven: Greetings from College (College Edition)
Chapter twenty-eight: The Officially Most Christmassy Bookacy Chapter Ever (College Edition)
Chapter twenty-nine: Party and Romance (College Edition)
Chapter thirty: Cyrus (College edition)
Chapter thirty-one: Charlie (College edition)
Chapter thirty-two: Cho (College edition)

Generation C: Cho and Prof. Eric Nicholas
Chapter thirty-three: Not Strong Enough
Chapter thirty-four: The Life in Between
Chapter thirty-five: Catching up
Chapter thirty-six: Operation White Dove
Chapter thirty-seven: Bliss
Interlude one: Jailbird*
Chapter thirty-eight: Family Life
Chapter thirty-nine: Baby Steps and Big Leaps
Chapter forty: The Memoirs of a Double Spy (Recap edition, Founding generation to generation C)
Chapter forty-one: Family Travels and Overachievers

Generation D College Years
Chapter forty-two: Hellos and Goodbyes (College Edition)

* This interlude leads to the events of Villains or Heroes?, an Apocalypse Challenge starring Salahuddin Chamcha.


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